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"Isn't It About Time the Girls Have Their Turn?"(TM) 

O-Shot (TM) Providers
The physicians listed on this website form a group dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction in women.

The O-Shot (TM) procedure provides a very specific way of using growth factors to stimulate uni-potent stem cells to generate healthier and more functional tissue in the areas of sexual response in the vagina (G-Spot, O-Spot, Skene's Glands, urethra, vaginal wall).

The growth factors and the uni-potent stem cells come from the woman's own blood and so, thus far, have caused no allergic reactions or side effects (other than those associated with bruising and the changes in sexual function that result from the shot).

This is an important step forward in the treatment of female sexual problems.  We hope to create a new standard of care and encourage all qualified physicians and nurse-practitioners who wish to apply for membership.

Membership includes support and training and help with finding women who may be helped by this service.

Membership qualifies you to be listed as a certified provider on OShot.info

Qualified practitioners will have all of the following:
  • An active license to practice medicine
  • Experience and expertise in examination and treatment of the female genitalia (family practitioners, urologists, and gynecologists who understand examination and treatment of the area).
  • Willingness to collect data about results from treatment.
  • Willingness to protect the integrity of the procedure by delivering the procedure exactly as recommended by the most current thinking of the group.
If you meet these qualifications then go to this on-line class room.  You will find 4 hours of lectures from a live workshop. You will also find a 30 minute video showing the details of how to perform the O-Shot (R) procedure. 

After signing up, you will also have free access to live webinars and seminars.

After viewing the material, go here to sign up for a listing at OShot.info and we will help patients find you for this important new therapy.

If you do not find the training adequate to help you relieve the sexual problems of many of your patients, and see a good return on your financial investment within 90 days, then we will gladly give you a prompt and courteous refund.


Charles Runels, MD

P.S.  If any questions, call my personal cell phone:  251-648-7704
P.P.S  Remember, after training, then go here to enter your data for listing at OShot.info as a certified provider the O-Shot (R) procedure.

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